The Grant Process

1. Letter of Support 

The letter of support should be written by the school superintendent or a designee that will have direct impact on the success of the program in the district. In this letter the designee should include:

  • The address to the body reviewing or the person reading the application.
  • In the initial sentences, explaining their position in the district. What is their title?
  • What is the purpose of the grant and what is the school districts commitment level?
  • How many schools will this impact?
  • How will the funds help increase Breakfast participation?
  • State the purpose of the grant
  • What is the designee’s committeemen to Breakfast in the Classroom and why is it important?
  • How does this purpose align with the districts child nutrition goals?

Conclude by explaining your summarizing the purpose of the grant and the personal effect it will have on your school district.

2. Complete the self-assessment form

The application action form is a tool designed by FRAC to help school leadership better access the district’s needs and complete a program narrative. The application action plan must be completed as the collaborative efforts of school stakeholders. While the school district applies as a whole, each school will be awarded based on their individual needs.

The Self-Assessment guide will help determine the following:

  • The targeted # of schools and the projected # of students to be served
  • Current free and reduced eligibility enrollment numbers
  • Current breakfast participation (ADP)
  • Level of school stakeholder buy-in
  • Method of breakfast delivery and counting and claiming
  • Menu requirements and staffing
  • Financial, equipment, training, and marketing needs

The Partners for Breakfast in the Classroom (PBIC) Grant is a unique grant opportunity because PBIC feels strongly that each school and school district is unique. This grant is designed to encourage schools and districts to meet with stakeholders in each school and discuss how the program will look in that particular school and then systematically identify what items that school community would need to implement a sustainable program.  After conducting a self-assessment form for each school that you are requesting to be funded, the information should be entered into sections 1-11 of the Application Action plan 

3. Submit the Final Complete Grant Application 

The final submission should include the completed action plan worksheet, a program narrative, and a budget of other grant funding allocated to Breakfast initiative. Applicants can expect to hear back from the Partners regarding their grant status within 2-4 weeks of submitting their full proposal.

Proposals can be sent via email to or via faxed (Attention: Sarah Murphy) to 301.686.3115.

The Budget & Tax Center is committed to making your grant process as seamless as possible. We can connect you to representatives at FRAC to assist in the grant application process or offer 1:1 technical assistance to those who need additional assistance.